European Congress of Neurosurgery 2022, Belgrade Serbia

October 30, 2022

I was honored to join the faculty of the recent European Congress of Neurosurgery held by the European Association of Neurosurgical Societies. The theme of the meeting was Neurosurgery Beyond Technology.

As I currently sit on the Vascular Section board of the EANS, unsurprisingly vascular sessions occupied my time as well as some conversations about exciting training initiatives being delivered by the EANS next year.

Daniel Walsh EANS Materclass

Monday began with a session on complication avoidance and I spoke about the technical adjuncts one might deploy to assist with aneurysm surgery.It was great to see colleagues again in person and looking into the audience appreciated the multinational camaraderies conferences like this engender spotting old friends form the UK, Sweden, Germany,Switzerland, Poland, USA, India, Ireland...and more no doubt that I am forgetting.

An incredible range of the latest neurosurgical technologies were on display from around the world throughout the meeting. Our Serbian hosts were incredibly welcoming with the balmy weather showing Belgrade off to its very best.

On Thursday I chaired a terrifically interactive session on trouble-shooting during vascular neurosurgery with colleagues from Europe and the United States. Such sessions can so easily avoid reflecting on truly difficult cases but all participants unflinchingly and generously shared difficult experiences with the audience reflecting on the technical lessons to be learned by reflecting on such cases. There was also discussion around our own "self management" during surgery where conditions can shift so quickly and time is of the essence to mitigate harm.

It is difficult to reflect on poor outcomes but it is the most experienced neurosurgeons in the world who can teach us the most because they must have such cases. If a neurosurgeon has never had complications pthey possibly have less experience than they believe.

Daniel Walsh EANS Masterclass on AVM

For members of the EANS these lectures will be available to view online through the EANS Academy website.

The next congress will be held in Barcelona so congratulations to their team on a successful pitch. Thanks to Professor Lukas Rasulic and his enormous team of helpers for making us all so welcome in Serbia.

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